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    Saturday, April 12th, 2036
    8:32 am
    Born on earth, the daughter of a Galadorian refugee and a mutant, the girl known only as Nyx was a typical, reckless teen with a smart mouth and disposable morals... until her mutant abilities manifested in the form of explosive bursts of energy whenever she would get upset or stressed. Too bratty and ill-behaved to be tolerated by most capable of training mutants to use their powers, Nyx was finally sent to Galador to train with the Spaceknights as a form of "Superpowered Teenage Boot Camp". She found her true calling in the group though, and immediately dedicated herself to truly joining the Spaceknights and in doing so, became their youngest member at 16.

    Now 18, and using the Spaceknight name of Riot, Nyx is still a wise-ass, a brat, and at times a bit of a jerk... but she's also a dedicated, loyal, and fierce soldier of Galador.
    Thursday, April 3rd, 2036
    7:45 pm

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